Saturday, July 26, 2008

They keep the Mercs after all.

Maybe it was another dosage of P. Ramlee’s tale of the sons of Ismet Ulam Raja of the faraway land of Isketambola last night.

I am in the mood to ‘ngarok’ today.

Thursday was a hard day. I had a screw-up since morning in Cemerong I was in the mood to ‘carok’ but did not.

Late yesterday’s news, MB said he got the okay from the Leader to use them for Excos. This morning news, the Leader said it was only for the foreign dignitaries.

So soon at the new Sultan Mahmud International Airport you will see this notice. ‘Welcome to the Nation Of Terengganu. All foreign dignitaries from Malaysia may proceed to the lobby where we have 14 new E-200 lining up for your use.’


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