Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Merc? I was totally wrong after all.

As I am writing this, Bernama newsflash reads ‘pembelian kereta Mercedes bukan guna wang royalti kata MB Terengganu

A short while ago [19th June 08] I wrote about some more than 10 new S-Class moving north towards Kuala Terengganu. I also wrote about the possibility of them being purchased for the State Excos [having been ordered by the previous administration]. I was wrong. Those were Mercedes E-200 Kompressor and the decision to purchase them, based on Star report, ‘was made several months ago’ so said the SS. I was double wrong.

So I want to be the first to congratulate the State Government of Terengganu. Now the excos would no longer be second best or feel inferior to most of the local contractors and consultants who are driving much more expensive S-Class, Brabus and Beemers especially X-5. Now at least they can join the site meetings where the site office cabins (for the mega projects I mean) normally appeared like a second-hand luxury car show rooms. Now too they can be waited by their drivers at the new Sultan Mahmud Airport without being asked to drive away to make way for the more important Mercs in the queue.

After all, the state only spend 3.4 million and its not duit royalti or wang ehsang. The money must have come from other sources like from cukai tanah, cukai balak or cukai pasir or perhaps federal grants.

So you jealous people out there….. shut up! Be a politician and when you come to power, do the same.

What about me?

Too late to be a politician but I’ll go out and get one myself.

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Crankshaft said...

We were ALL totally wrong, dammit!! And we thought those fellas were trying to live it up.

No freaking way!! They're just helping the state save money. Didn't you know that?

Heck, Mercedes are so cheap these days.

The Terengganu administration is NOT using money from oil royalty.