Saturday, June 03, 2006

someone noticed this blog. really?

This is a good moment. It’s 1.43am June 3, 2006. I’m home alone. Yati and the kids gone for their Kedah holiday. I can’t sleep so I switched on my laptop and surf the blog. On Mcoba website, under ‘koleq’s blog’ was a link to this weblog. At the end of it was a figure 83 hits. I wasn’t sure if the hits were through mcoba site or on my blog which could mean the accesses I made to update the blogs which mean nobody else reading it.

But at least I can now tell Alia, ‘See. Someone’s now reading my blog too you know…..’


da_shrewd said...

hehe..i'm always read ur blog. quite interesting :)

shahbalqis said...

my wife and i love reading your blogs, normally we had good laugh over it and sometimes she will explained to me certain peculiarities that only she can understand....and also because i happened to be your brother in law.

But seriously, they are gems, mostly. and do you know that my great grandfather (father's side) was from Pagar Ruyong and my great grandfather (mother's side) was from Hadralmaut? Talk about a small world......and the irony is, I married your sister...