Sunday, May 28, 2006

soh, dok soh and soh doh

I am one of those (ok, maybe the only one) who uses the mosque especially between the time of maghrib and isya to sit in such a quiet place and in the company of such quiet people. Sometimes when I didn’t fall asleep, I listened to the tok gurus or learn to read the Quran. I admit that I slept a lot while waiting for prayer and listened to maybe some bits and pieces of the teachings, but I guess those bits and pieces if I could properly put to practice is better than having a huge amount of knowledge that I don’t bother to practice. After all my old ustaz told me that if I entered the mosque with niat iktikaf, I get some pahala even if I were sleeping. And I tell you those short sleep are really deep and refreshing sleep. For those who have stress and insomnia, may I suggest the mosque as a remedy? You only need to see the amount of blissful sleep the congregations get during Friday sermon to agree with me. The same remedy is good for some mental block or writer’s block too.

My lepak time in the mosque helped to educate a jahil person like me considerably. At least during those fiqh (spelt fekah in Bahasa) lecture I get to learn something that is soh or dok soh especially in the matter of rituals – prayer, fasting etc.

I remember a soh dok soh joke from my younger days.

Once there were four Chinese mualaf. They stopped by a mosque to pray. The prayer time had passed so they had to pray by themselves. One was appointed the imam. These four were recent convert and not really versed in the aspects of rituals but they tried their very best to fulfill the obligations. Mualaf 1 became the imam. Soon after the takbir a mosquito bit Mualaf 2 on the arm. He gave a slap. Pang. Mosquito’s dead. Soon the bite became itchy and he started to scratch. Scratch, scratch, scratch. Mualaf 3 remembered his feqah lesson. He whispered to Mualaf 2. ‘Jangan garu, dok soh sembahyang.’ (don’t scratch. Your prayer’s nullified) Mualaf 3 remembered that one cannot talk in prayer so he too whispered, ‘ Shhh…. jangan cakap. Dok soh sembahyang.’ (Shhh…. Don’t talk. Your prayer’s nullified) Mualaf 1, the imam heard the whispering at the back. Thankful at Mualaf 3 reminder, he whispered, ‘Mujur aku dok cakap.’ (lucky I didn’t say a word).

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