Saturday, November 27, 2004

some ground rules

Were there ground rules for language ‘slang’? There definitely were; at least in the unwritten way. A study of slangs from Perlis, Kedah down south to Johor or eastward to Kelantan and Terengganu will reveal many an interesting traits. Slangs came about from (believe it or not) a fair distribution of alphabets. Kedahan had to make do without the ‘g’s in their ‘anjin dan kucin’ (cat and dog) because Terengganuan had taken them away for their ‘makang ikang’. Some considerate Terengganuan having exhausted all the g’s into their ‘pinggang dan cawang’ (pinggan dan cawan / saucer and cup) have inadvertently eliminate the g’s from ‘cangkung’ di tepi ‘longkang’ into ‘cankun di tepi lonkan’. Thus those that ‘kontro’ (control) their g’s in trying hard to ‘cakak lua’ (speak in standard external slang) may end ‘jalang-jalang cari ikang goren, ambik pinggang dan cawang, makang cankun tepi lonkan’ (walk about looking for fried fish, take a cup and saucer, squatting to eat by the drain)

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