Saturday, November 27, 2004

pronouncing the ‘g’

It is not at all difficult to detect a Terengganuan and likewise the impostors. Terengganuan, no matter how ‘anglocised’ or ‘luar-ise’ they are, may once in a while slip in a ‘g’ into their ‘ucapang’ (ucapan/speech). The impostors on the other hand found it hard to pronounce the ‘g’ in that specific, ubiquitously unique Terengganu way of pronouncing it. It was hard enough saying it, harder still to write how to pronounce it. Maybe a linguist can but I am not one. The ‘g’ after the ‘n’ in Terengganu slang is not pronounced as a full ‘g’ but somewhere between half to three quarter degree of emphasis. The ‘ng’ spoken almost softly but with a tinge of nasal release. The closest example I can find is saying ‘teng’ (for ‘tin’) to rhyme with ‘ting’ in the older ASB advertisement. Help me ‘any-wang’(anyone)?

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Anonymous said...

great lessons on trengganuspeak..kena practise ni kalau nak pindah sane esok :P