Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The price of a chair.

How much is a chair?

Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair, designed by Don Chadwick my all time favourite (but can’t afford just yet) is RM 8K plus. Last year before the oil goes up price. The quote I get for Charles Eames good quality China mari reproduction is RM 3900. The same sold at X, is going at RM 12K. Italy mari? Hardly. Itay mari also nowadays China buat, Italy pergi, Malaysia mari.

A chair in parliament?

Is it comfortable to begin with? It doesn’t look too comfortable really, the backseat look too upright. But how much it cost really?

RM 400 million.


That’s only part payment mind you. The fact that Terengganu got back the royalty just before the KT by-election make it the outright price to pay, it seems.

Right? Wrong? Maybe?

Oh, whatever.

After such a high price, is the chair truly worth it?

Again, is it comfortable to begin with?

You and me, the common among the ordinary may just never find out. But then again who knows. With some among our chosen MPs dozing off soundly, it just can’t be but comfy.

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