Monday, September 25, 2006

a 'leaking' fast (puasa yang bocor)

The problem with anak bungsu is that they seems to be overly manja and they nag a lot. Sometime, with teary eye, its hard not to be pitiful. So disciplining them is quite a chore. Add their aunts and grandma as places they turn to when even Mak kept a straight face.

Today was the second day of Ramadan. Maybe because Ayah was around, Alan seems to behave at sahur, finished a plate of nasi goring with a tambah. Yesterday, he was teary eyed at sahur, trying to excuse himself from puasa and going to school. He couldn’t. When I got home though, he was happily playing with Imran and Mira, the two cousins. He seems so okay I asked if he fast. His answer, ‘Alan puasa. Tapi bocor.’ (I fast. But it leaks) Boy, it’s a new vocab I’m learning.

Apparently he held on until almost six. Not more than an hour before the break. That he said was ‘bagus lah tu’; considering the school kept them for a 2 hours assembly under the sun. I wonder what are the teachers doing these days. I knew they don’t learn anything the last two weeks. The exam over and school term has more than a month to end. No wonder the boys just refused to be in school. ‘Wak menda? Bukang belajo pong.’

We may seem like inhumane to deprive our children from the early age of six or seven to go without food, in training them to fast. Waking them up early for sahur and subuh prayer and sometimes going through the ‘sembahyang banyok’ (Alan’s description of solat terawih). That was the way we were brought up and hopefully they on their children too in the future. That way the basic discipline of ibadat can be cemented in their heart. ‘There is no compulsion in religion’ but there may be no religion if there is no compulsion in its adherence.

As for the young, we will continue to ask them, encourage them and force them. Even if we know there would a lot of ‘bocor’ in-between. After all, once we were young too.

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