Friday, February 18, 2005

back again

The problem with having too much time at hand equal that of having too much to do. At least for me.
Whenever I am in either, I procrastinate. Meaning- I laze. waiting for some 'heavenly' inspiration or for the eleventh hour be pressing. I know at the back of my head that soon, very-very soon I must do something about it or else.....
Its not that I am lazy, (Bukannya malas) but I am reluctant (tapi culas). Just to keep me wary, I repeat in my mind my favourite 'peribahasa' - ' Kerja tertangguh tak menjadi, kerja teragak tak tertahan. Translated to roughly mean ' A work delayed is never done, a work without commitment is never sustained.'
The Haj trip was a solid two months of bliss; of practically total detach from work, business, commitment and even family to a certain extent. It was a time solely devoted to rituals of 'ibadah' and eating and sleeping in between with the latter two much more outstanding. What a 'holiday' it was.
And like after all other holidays, it is hard to get back to work. It is hard to go back to blogging. It is harder to go back to cycling.
And before I can go back on the road, cycling, my bicycle need a thorough cleaning and greasing.
So am I.
I'll do it tomorrow.......

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